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Doris Meissner

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Doris Meissner is former commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), and a Senior Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, a think-tank in Washington, D.C. She contributes to MPI’s project on national security and immigration and conducts policy research on international migration and development, and immigration policymaking in an era of globalization. Ms. Meissner served as INS commissioner at the U.S. Department of Justice from October 1993 to November 2000. Her accomplishments included reforming the nation’s asylum system; creating new strategies for managing U.S. borders in the context of open trade; improving services for immigrants; managing migration and humanitarian crises firmly and compassionately; and strengthening cooperation and joint initiatives with Mexico, Canada, and other countries. She first joined the Department of Justice in 1973 as a White House Fellow, serving as special assistant to the attorney general. Following that appointment, she became assistant director of the Office of Policy and Planning, then executive director of the Cabinet Committee on Illegal Aliens. In 1977 she was appointed deputy associate attorney general. She served as acting INS commissioner in 1981 and then as executive associate commissioner until 1986 when she left government service to join the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In 1989, Ms. Meissner founded the Endowment’s International Migration Policy Program, which evolved into the Migration Policy Institute in 2001. She left the Carnegie Endowment in 1993 when President Bill Clinton tapped her to serve as INS commissioner. After leaving government in 2000, she returned to the Carnegie Endowment as a senior associate in the Global Policy Program.

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Seminar speeches given by Doris Meissner:
Covering the Border
November 05, 2003
Reception and Dinner
Hosted by Tucson Citizen, Michael Chihak, Editor and Publisher
Watch the video (101 minutes)

Covering the Border
November 01, 2003
me is a scorpion to reach the shore i agonise i am no more.. my hopes to steal away laugh in my face :)

prose from the desi ;)
Covering the Border
November 01, 2003
me is a scorpion to reach the shore i agonise i am no more.. my hopes to steal away laugh in my face :)

prose from the desi ;)

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