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    •  Sherman Jackson
Dinner and Keynote Address: Overview of Muslims in America/American Islam
Watch video of the keynote (152.6 MB)
More Resources:
    •  Introductory Panel: Media Coverage of Islam in America Moderated by Diane Winston
Watch video of the session (224.1 MB)
    •  Muslim Religious Diversity: Sunni, Shi’a, Nation of Islam, Sufi, etc. Moderated by Josh DeWind
Watch video of the session (199 MB)
    •  Muslim Ethnic & National Diversity Moderated by Jane Iwamura
Watch video of the session (218.7 MB)
    •  The Next Generation: Culture and Identity Moderated by Mary MacVean
Watch video of the session (213.4 MB)
    •  Community, Family, and Gender Moderated by Eliz Sanasarian
Watch video of the session (243.9 MB)
    •  Arts, Entertainment, and Music Moderated by Marty Kaplan
Watch video of the session (185.9 MB)
    •  Muslim Participation in American Politics and Civic Life Moderated by Janelle Wong
Watch video of the session (171 MB)
    •  September 11th, the War on Terrorism, and Civil Rights Moderated by Frank Buckley
Watch video of the session (202.2 MB)
Watch video tour of ReligionSource.org
    •  Transnational Ties Moderated by Mark LeVine
Watch video of the session (210.8 MB)
    •  Lodi: How I Got the Story Conversation with reporters and experts on a breaking story, e.g., Lodi arrests and prosecutions, reconciling community and government perspectives
Watch video of the session (185.2 MB)


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"As a confirmed 'water geek,' all I can say is WOW. This was one of the best training and educational experiences I've had in a long time. Top-notch organization, exceptional topics, speakers and materials. Just a fabulous program."
- Shaun McKinnon, Arizona Republic
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