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Resource Documents

PDFIslam and the Cultural Imperative, by Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Nawawi Foundation (331 KB)

PDFMuslims and the Media since Post September 11, by Dr. Aslam Abdullah, The Minaret and the Muslim Observer (34.8 KB)

PDFILM Foundation - A Living Example of Social Reformation (38.4 KB)

PDFAmerican Muslims: South Asian Contributions to the Mix, Karen Leonard, UC Irvine (54 KB)

PDF Select Bibliography on Arab Americans, Arab American Institute Foundation (56.8 KB)

PDF Resisting Racism and Xenophobia: Global Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Human Rights, chapter on Confronting Hegemony, Resisting Occupation (written by Fadwa El Guindi), Edited by Faye V. Harrison, AltaMira Press (836 KB)

Suggested Web Sites and Reading

Web site Religionsource.org
Religionsource.org is a search engine that provides referrals to a wide range of religious scholars who can serve as sources on a gamut of topics related to religion. The site allows you to browse the published academic papers of certified scholars, e-mail them to yourself or print them out for further reference.

The engine also allows you to search for scholars or religious topics by global region or state. The site also has representatives that can be reached by phone at ( 404) 727-4725. Representatives do not pitch story ideas, but can connect you with sources relevant to the query you have. Every year, the database receives at least 15,000 queries from journalists from North America.

Web site Media Guide to Islam: A Journalist's Guide to Covering Islam

Web site Southern California InFocus

Web site Understanding Islam and Muslims
http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/introduction/ understandingislam.html
This information is taken from a fairly popular brochure published by Saudi Arabia entitled Understanding Islam and the Muslims.

Web site Media Guide to Islam
From the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism, the Media Guide to Islam is developed for journalists, by journalists with the aim of helping ensure accuracy when covering Islam and Muslims in the United States. The site is intended for journalists looking for a primer on Islam and Muslims living in the U.S.

Web site IslamForToday.com
For Westerners seeking a knowledge and understanding of Islam. A guide to the religion of Islam, Muslim history and civilizations, the rights of women in Islam, Islam in the West and around the world today plus Muslim schools and family life.

Web site Beliefnet: Understanding Islam
Beliefnet provides a collection of articles and commentary on Islam for those seeking to understand the religion. Beliefnet, Inc. is a privately held company funded by employees, individual investors and Blue Chip Venture Company. From the website: “We try to achieve our mission by providing information and inspiration. Our site has an extraordinary collection of experts and scholars. We give you spiritual tools such as prayer circles, kits to help you celebrate births, weddings, and other life milestones, as well as commemorate deaths. Most important, we help you to learn from each other through a breathtaking array of discussions and dialogue groups. That's what makes Beliefnet unique. We're all about helping you find your way.”

Web site Center for Understanding Islam
From the website: ….A “think tank” “of Muslims committed to long-term goal of focusing on issues important to Muslims as Americans of all generations. CUI is undertaking scholarly work to create the communication materials we need to conduct a meaningful dialog with and among leaders of Islamic centers, Imams of our mosques and teachers in the Islamic schools to address extremism within the Muslim community, while continuing the outreach to all Americans. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and support.”

Web site Maynard Institute: Accuracy Links
http://www.maynardije.org/resources/ coveringnews/accuracy/
Website links compiled by the Maynard Institute to help journalists improve their understanding of cultures and events as they strive to present accurate and balanced coverage of news events related to the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Web site FRONTLINE: Muslims
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/ shows/muslims/
PBS’ Frontline examines Islam’s worldwide resurgence.

Web site POYNTER INSTITUE: Covering Muslims in America
http://www.poynter.org/content/content_view.asp? id=32864&sid=53
Part of a series of articles by Poynter faculty on “Rediscovering Religion in America.”

Web site FACSNET: Covering the Global War on Terrorism – The Cultural and Religious Dimension
http://www.facsnet.org/issues/specials/terrorism/ cultureindex.php3
FACSNET, website for FACS – a journalism training organization, offers the sources, resources and backgrounders to help journalists wade through the complex issues.

Web site Columbia Journalism Review: Covering the World of Muslims
A 1995 article by Chicago Tribune reporter Stephen Franklin, who has covered the Middle East.

Web site Karima Alavi
Dar al Islam
Abiquiu, New Mexico
Provides information on the programs of this educational facility that lies in the mountains of northern New Mexico. The “IslamAmerica” segment has articles on Politics; Culture; Perspectives; Islamic Sciences, and Islam in America.

Web site http://www.islamicity.com/
Helpful segments on Islamic faith, practice and history. Their “Discover Islam” segment is very helpful. Links to articles.

Web site http://www.cair-net.org/
Addresses social and legal issues that Muslims confront in the United States. Lists acts of vandalism, abuse and discrimination against Muslims. Offers legal assistance to those who are fighting discriminatory treatment. Works against Islamiphobic behavior, including problem in the media. (See their article on Michael Graham, the Washington DC radio host who repeatedly made inflammatory comments on his show.)

Web site http://www.theislamproject.org/education/ gw_general_islam.htm
Created to accompany PBS programming on Islam, this web site has grown extensively in the last few years. Aimed primarily at educators, there’s some good basic information on Islamic beliefs and practices.

Background Reading Materials suggested by Fadwa El Guindi:

Relevant Publications by F. El Guindi whose website address is http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~elguindi/

  • Web site Veil: Modesty, Privacy, Resistance. Berg Publishers, 1999 (reprinted 2003)
  • Web site Veiling Infitah with Muslim Ethic: Egypt's Contemporary Islamic Movement. Social Problems 28(4): 465-485 (1981).
  • Web site Veiling Resistance. Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture 3 (1), 1999.
  • Web site Veiled Men Private Women in Arabo-Islamic Culture. ISIM Newsletter 4,6, 2000

OP-ED, Los Angeles Times, Feminism Comes of Age in Islam, 1992.

OP-ED, The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution (Sunday Edition). Distorted View Shrouds Image of Muslim Women, 1992.

Web site OP-ED, Los Angeles Times, Mubarak Should Call an Election and Step Aside, 1993.

Web site OP-ED, Newsday, UN Should Act to Protect Muslim Women, April 13, 1998

Web site Commentary, Nobel Choice Sends Message to American Feminists, Pacific News Service, Oct 22, 2003


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