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March 26 - March 31, 2006
University of California, Berkeley/Graduate School of Journalism
in partnership with the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

The Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism in partnership with the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation accepted applications for this expenses-paid seminar that combined practical instruction in multimedia reporting with in-depth exploration of media convergence and other critical issues for online news operations.

Participants got five full days of intense hands-on instruction on how to do multimedia stories for the Web, including:

  • Using digital video cameras, photo cameras and minidisc recorders;
  • Doing storyboards, stand-ups, voiceovers and other broadcast techniques;
  • Digital video, audio and photo editing;
  • Creating photo slide shows in Flash;
  • Web page creation and multimedia Web site design.

Fellows created a multimedia project as part of the seminar.

In addition, there were evening and noontime panels and presentations by online publishing experts on the most pressing issues in online publishing, such as implementing converged newsrooms, working with citizen journalism sites, integrating multimedia into the newsroom and managing multimedia projects, and business issues in online publishing.



What fellows have to say about past seminars:
"I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to stop and think about the issues and stories we cover on a daily, hectic basis. I will take this back with me and share it with my colleagues in the newsroom. At a time of diminishing resources in our workplaces, this seminar and more like these are invaluable. "
- Bernadette Pardo, Noticias 23 Miami
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