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If you missed one of our recent seminars or want to share what you learned while you were here, the Seminar Showcase has everything you need. Here you’ll find full video of every presentation (including Q and A sessions), speaker’s PowerPoint presentations, articles about sessions, links to related Web sites, and many other resources.

Find the seminar you're looking for in our Seminars by Topic list, or find them by date in the Seminar Archive. If you’re looking for a particular speaker, you’ll find a complete speaker list in the Speaker Showcase.

The program, which focused on Islamic practices and communities, aimed to provide journalists with context and understanding of issues essential to framing news stories with a greater depth of understanding of American Muslim life and its transnational dimensions.


This seminar focused on the changing nature of entertainment - from its content to its delivery to its consumption - and its social, psychological and economic impacts. Fellows explored the impact of globalization on content and technology, the changes in distribution platforms and consumer habits as well as the influence of changing corporate ownership models.

Showdown at the Border: Critical Issues in Covering U.S. Immigration and Border Policy

Professional journalists participated in this special online discussion focused on the legislative, political and operational issues involved in U.S. immigration policy and its enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Get audio and video of the Webcast, as well as an extensive array of immigration links, resources and documents.


Going Beyond the Agenda: Investigating Local Government

This seminar, in partnership with IRE, focused on watchdog techniques for investigating local and state government. Computer-assisted reporting and FOIA were included. This seminar was held in conjunction with the Seldon Ring Awards for investigative journalism.

Covering Native Americans in the 21st Century
The Western Knight Center took 20 professional fellows on a multi-state journey into the heart of "Indian Country." This seminar integrated traditional classroom seminar presentations on such topics as sovereignty, Native American health issues, resource management and gaming with on-site visits to tribal lands in California, Arizona and New Mexico.
Religion, Politics and Policy: From the White House to the School House
This special seminar site includes extensive coverage from the September 20-23 seminar. Our student reporters have written up each session, and you'll also find video of the speakers as well as their Powerpoint slides.
Campaign Coverage: From the Checkbook to the Ballot Box Campaign Coverage: From the Checkbook to the Ballot Box
This seminar site includes extensive coverage of the March 31 to April 3, 2004, seminar. Besides a campaign finance Web tour, stories, video and other resources, you'll find the Seldon Ring Awards ceremony.
The Business of Online Journalism
We've developed a special collection of online learning material around the April 14-17, 2004, Business of Online Journalism seminar. Check out the stories, video and PowerPoint presentations now.


What fellows have to say about past seminars:
"This was a great fellowship. The content and organization was outstanding. The presentations brought in most of the decision-makers and stakeholders in the Colorado River allocation issue and gave solid classes in the underlying issues such as law, politics, economics and natural factors affecting the availability of water."
- Jerry Needham, San Antonio Express-News
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