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Blakley: ‘The Stories Behind the Stories’—Technologies and trends to watch

An increase in targeted advertising, the rebirth of radio and the rise of super-sophisticated (and perhaps scarily intrusive) ratings systems are among the most exciting developments in entertainment, according to keynote speaker Johanna Blakley. (Story, multimedia and more)

Ted Perkins: The way to world conquest (in film)

Movies 'made for a purpose' are a nice idea, says experienced filmmaker and producer Ted Perkins. But those that succeed in local and world markets generally follow the Hollywood model: Give the people what they want — even if what they want is a movie about animals, um, pooping. (Story, multimedia and more)

Samantha Santa Maria: Know your audience

Hong Kong loves getting its horse racing results online. Singaporans embrace movie reviews by cellphone. But you can't deliver broadband to the Thai. GetAsia editors learned the importance of keeping local interests and barriers in mind when delivering multimedia content — a lesson that could translate in Chicago, Los Angeles, and other U.S. markets. (Story, multimedia and more)

Sandeep Sood: ‘Long tails’ mean steady sales for obscure artists

When a trip down a remote Indian river is accompanied by the strains of Tiffany singing "Running Just as Fast as We Can," and India's 'Bollywood' can make $100 million annually in the U.S., we are well on our way to a new age in global media — an age in which even obscure movies or CDs could make more money than the mega-hits. (Story, multimedia and more)

Mobile Media: Ringtones and wifi and—radio?!

What are the media opportunities and strategies in an increasingly wireless world? And how is it that an essentially old-fashioned mode of communication — people talking to one another — has become the next big thing in multimedia? (Story, multimedia and more)

Asians poised to dominate, says Chopra

Gotham Chopra, journalist and filmmaker, speaks of his experience covering world events and interviewing world leaders for children's news site Channel One News. (Story, multimedia and more)

The New Multimedia: Holding down the hype

Variety's Ben Fritz and USA Today's David Lieberman point out some commonly overhyped stories, while tech reporter Jon Healey of the Los Angeles Times heralds new developments, from TIVO to terabyte hard drives. (Story, multimedia and more)

Are neutral networks needed to safeguard broadband freedoms?

On the issue of network neutrality, USC professor Jonathan Taplin argued in defense of keeping networks neutral and the freedoms of broadband access, saying networks already hold too much control. Telecommunications attorney Jeremy Stern said the issue is about innovation and commercial control, which should be in the hands of the service provider. (Story, multimedia and more)

The Copy-Fight: The collision of technology and individual freedom

If your CD collection was ripped off but you still have all your old songs stored in your iPod, do you still have the right to play the music? The line between pirating and fair use is still a narrow one, says Fred Von Lohmann. (Story, multimedia and more)

Keeping it short in the digital age

How do you keep a viewer’s attention when you don’t have a captive audience for more than 60 seconds? Cell phone multimedia developers have come up with a surprisingly diverse array of diversions -- and the creativity doesn't end with ringtones. (Story, multimedia and more)

Sony takes on the digital age

Sony Pictures Entertainment says the future for multimedia distribution is digital -- and secure. (Story, multimedia and more)

The Growing Gaming Industry

How is technology evolving in the gaming world? What are the newest kinds of games and how are they developed? (Story, multimedia and more)

Social Impacts: How is multimedia changing us?

When you kill your friends on-screen, are you just playing a game — or are you rehearsing an aggressive act? Researchers such as Prof. Peter Vorderer are just at the beginning of understanding how new forms of multimedia are perceived by the brain. But increased collaborations with the gaming industry may tell us more. (Story, multimedia and more)

Trying it Out: Video Game Demonstrations

See what happens when a journalist tries her hand at a "vampire western first-person shooter" game. Also, interviews with game creators Chris Ulm and Rory McGuire. Cell phone demo at end. (Story, multimedia and more)

Gauging the Impact: Multimedia and Children

Just how vulnerable are children to the persuasive intent of ads -- and how can a parent possibly compete against a $15 billion industry and a new onslaught of high-tech persuasian? Christy Glaubke shares her concerns about simultaneous TV and Internet use, and information every parent (and journalist) should know about new trends in advertising aimed at children. (Story, multimedia and more)

Entertainment or News: A fine line at Yahoo!

How are technology and the evolution of entertainment affecting news organizations? How are online news organizations, such as Yahoo!, managing these changes? What can we learn from the entertainment industry that can help us be better news people, and what should we watch out for? (Story, multimedia and more)

How Media Mergers Are Impacting News and Entertainment

Imagine watching your next football game from the perspective of the quarterback. Or getting "direct-to-brain" transmissions from a news channel. Such possibilities are on the horizon, as videogame industry becomes a player in the multimedia world. Even in a world where fewer companies control the mass media, there is room for innovation and outsiders, says Adam Clayton Powell III. (Story, multimedia and more)

Taking It Back to the Newsroom

Fellows provide reports on top three story ideas that would work in any market. How should reporters cover these stories? How should newsrooms adapt to the digital future? (Story, multimedia and more)

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