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Fellowships cover lodging, meals, instruction as well as one-half of travel expenses to a maximum of $300. Seminar participation is limited to 30 professional journalism fellows who are competitively selected. Applicants must be currently employed as professional journalists and have a minimum of three years of experience. Although only 3-5 days long, the seminars are residential and fellows are expected to attend all seminar sessions as well as other related activities, stay in the host hotel and participate in organized meals with other fellows. As part of the application process, fellows agree to share the knowledge they gain from the seminar with colleagues at their news organizations when they return in a form that is most suitable to the subject matter and the organization’s needs.

The following material should be included in your application package:

  1. Completed application forms. Both applicant and supervisor forms must be completed and signed. If you complete or pre-application online, you will still need to send in a print application.
  2. Personal Statement. A 500-word statement explaining how this seminar experience would benefit you, your news organization and your audience.
  3. Letter of Recommendation. Your supervising editor or other senior editor familiar with your work should provide a letter commenting on your abilities and potential as a journalist and also commit to pay your salary during the seminar (time off or vacation time should not be taken to participate) as well as pay for any non-fellowship expenses such as room service, long distance phone calls etc.
  4. Samples of professional work. Submit three samples of your best work. The subject does not need to relate to the seminar topic but should show your skill and ability to present complex issues. Samples in a language other than English should include a translation. All samples should have been published or broadcast within the last five years.
    • Print: Samples may be from archives and need not be original copies. Work should be reduced to fit 8.5” x 11” paper. Editors should submit samples of projects they supervised and edited with a summary explanation of how the work was approached and the editor’s philosophy of story management.
    • Broadcast: CD, cassette or VHS tapes up to 30 minutes in total running time should be sent along with supporting explanations as necessary.
    • Internet: Submit work samples either as printouts on paper or, if applicable, provide the URLs.

Please mail two (2) copies of all application materials or fax one (1) to:

Vikki Porter
Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism
USC Annenberg School for Communication
300 South Grand Ave., Ste. 3950
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 437-4417

Email or faxed submissions will be accepted, but a hard original copy of the application must be received within five days of the deadline date. Email applications to: vporter@usc.edu. Fax: (213) 437-4424.

Questions? Please email vporter@usc.edu. Or call (213) 437-4416.

What fellows have to say about past seminars:
"Met my high expectations. Perfect balance of theory and practicality. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
- Tim Griggs, Wilmington NC Star
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