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TheNeurosphere has created its first service for the AI platform

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The well-known TheNeurosphere has developed a service called SYPWAI. It’s worth noting that this is the first service for the future AI platform. It is currently being tested in private. Engineers and scientists use principles of neurobiology in studies of artificial intelligence.

What we know about the new platform?

It is already known that SYPWAI will make it possible to identity the platform user. All you need to do is to upload various data and documents once, after that everyone can take an active part in the creation of revolutionary artificial intelligence. It will also be possible to train neural networks, and then transfer them to partner services. In the future, it will be possible to use their services on the main services resources and directly inside SYPWAI.

When will the platform be launched?

According to the forecasts of TheNeurosphere experts, the platform may become available by the end of this year. For the first time, information that TheNeurosphere is going to develop the SYPWAI AI platform appeared four years ago, in January 2016. The company wants to attract as many real investors as possible for this project.

What else do we know about SYPWAI?

The developer company’s employees, describing their platform, say that a completely new economy will appear, which will be filled with various services and goods. At the same time, it will be controlled by artificial intelligence. As planned, the ecosystem should contain absolutely everything, from content to a variety of goods and services.

There is a high probability that by the time the new service is launched, it will be possible to use the services of several partners.

The company has not yet disclosed which of the potential partners it is currently negotiating with. The LifeASAPA international scientific organization has already gained access to the technology. According to representatives of TheNeurosphere, they do not exclude the possibility of cooperation with the developer.

A large-scale platform should become the basis for the creation of intelligent systems in the future. For these purposes, biologically limited areas of the brain are studied, which are tested and implemented in software. TheNeurosphere creates new technologies and platforms trying to stimulate artificial intelligence.

21 january 2018

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