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League of Legends- A Full Guide for Beginners

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The top line is a favorite place for a huge number of tanks, warriors and duelists. This is a long line on which they can show themselves in all their glory. Depending on the class of the character, the goal of the player standing on the top can be very different. For a tank, a victory on the top can allow it to quickly join the team and become a frontliner in team fights, and it can give the duelist an opportunity to push the line with impunity, dividing the pressure points for the enemy. Have you known this or not? If you are interested and want to learn more, check this guide before you move to the next step making a bet on lolbetz.com pursuing your goals.

Tanks in League of Legends

The tanks in the game League of Legends are the main frontline team. Their main goal is to become as tenacious as possible. To do this, they, of course, need gold. To get gold for killing an opponent with tanks is rather problematic, since they simply have not enough damage. Therefore, their main income is farm minions and possible assists, which they can receive when they are ganked by a forester.

Tanks are divided into two subclasses: aggressive attack aircraft are the initiators of fights, they try to catch enemies with their control skills, and also withstand the first "volley" of return fire; the task of the defensive keepers is to prevent this by protecting skills or controlling zones. An excellent example of attack aircraft are Maokai, Nautilus and Malfit.

Maokai has long been an example of an ideal tank that can suit any team in any situation. His abilities allow him to inflict enough damage on his opponent, which makes his farm phase on the line quite strong. He can farm minions at the same time and annoy the enemy. But what makes the fight against him even more frustrating is the passive ability that allows him to replenish his health, and with the help of Courage of the Colossus his entire control activates his shield. Maokai is also very strong in team fights, as his ulta is in theory capable of catching and immobilizing the entire enemy team.

Maokai, Corrupted Ent: Wood Power on the Defense of Your Team

Malfit is a formidable weapon against teams in which all characters deal physical damage. The fact is that he passively receives additional armor from his skill, which also gains damage from armor. With only a couple of simple items, he is able to dominate the solo against such an opposing team. Favorite items from experienced players for Malfit are the Sunfire Cape, Iceborn Gauntlet and Thornmail.

Nautilus does less damage than Maokai and Malfit, and his survival rate is also lower, but he compensates for all this with one simple fact: he has the greatest amount of control in the game. To be more precise, its four types: immobilization, attracting, slowing down and tossing. Due to this, Nautilus has the highest factor in the gank assist (the value of how much a character on the line can help a forester who is ganking him to kill an opponent). In team battles, the Nautilus master creates a numerical advantage: if his hook catches a rival, that rival is dead.

Use this information wisely and you will increase your chances to enjoy the desired outcome of the game!

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